The objectives of NGN LAB project are:

To establish a platform for the development of advanced internet technologies, by provisioning required system infrastructure and interactive applications, to realise next generation network related experiments. A close relationship with GEANT and Eurescom projects will be established to test new network configurations, protocols, applications, seeking standards conformity to guarantee interoperability and interworking among multiple projects.

To develop new internet capabilities such as IPv6 through provisioning of IPv4-IPv6 interworking either by means of tunneling or by deploying dual stack routers; also supporting QoS to provision premium IP services and applications.

To support IST projects to test the new technologies such as IP telephony, IP over xDSL, IP over ATM, IP over WDM etc.

To liaise with other national and international testbeds and Forums, so as to promote the next generation network infrastructure for provisioning end-to-end services.

Technical approach adopted

The project will:
Reuse already established testbeds in Basel (MULTICOMLAB) and Brussels (EuroDemo) with good infrastructure for ATM, ISDN, Access Networks (ADSL, APON,…) and high speed LANs, as well as many applications for testing different functionalities in a heterogeneous network environment;

Enhance the existing testbed features focussing on advanced internet technologies in a heterogeneous networking environment to support following functionalities: IPv4/IPv6 network testing, Differentiated services, QoS routing and network aspects of layer 2 and 3 interworking;

Participate in technical Forums for enhancing the platform to state-of-the-art technology level with the provision of sub-systems from partners and user projects to facilitate the liaison with the standard groups;

Promote the NGN LAB as a one-stop platform with adequate infrastructure and connectivity to other testbeds through GEANT or other WANs;

Target the NGN LAB to become a European Laboratory that enables researchers to test and validate new networking technologies;

Participate actively in the IST concertation process with a leading role among the testbeds to become a catalyst in forming a cluster; producing regular newsletters and a good inter-linked website;

Establish an interactive web-site for interfacing with the user, so as to promote the optimal usage of the testbed (registration and booking), type of experiments and requirements, and feedback on the user satisfaction

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