Autonomous Vehicles
As a future technology, they are predicted to comprehensively impact the automobile industry, health, welfare, urban planning, traffic, insurance, labor market, and other fields. Level 5 Full Driving Automation aims for ultra-low latency, fuel and traffic efficiency, prevention of car crashes, and environmental-friendly.

The research focus of this group is mainly on 6G-V2X, AI-assisted Lane and Intersection Management, Smart Platooning, Latency, and Energy Optimization, Blockchain assisted IoV.
Visiting Scholars
Research Topics
  1. Intuitive and Privacy-Preserving Traffic Light Control System
  2. AI-based Sensor Attack Detection and Classification
  3. Cybertwin-driven Federated Learning based Personalized Service Provision
  4. Safety Message Dissemination Framework
  5. AI-Powered Blockchain Security Solutions
  6. Secured Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
  7. Intelligent Intrusion Detection System
  8. Intelligent and Secured RSU Placement Mechanism
  9. Lane Detection and Departure Warning System
  10. SPAS: Smart Pothole-Avoidance Strategy
  11. Federated Learning Empowered Computation Offloading and Resource Management
  12. Adaptive Network Traffic Management System
  13. Smart Navigation and Energy Management Framework
  14. Smart-Platooning
  15. Intelligent Overtaking and Lane Changing Mechanisms
  16. Connected Intersection Management
  17. Audio Video Cognitive Processing System