Next Generation Networks
The main application areas for the enhanced capabilities of 5G are Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC), and Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC).

The use cases for 5G and 6G technology include revolutionary developments such as industry 5.0, augmented reality, autonomous transportation, eHealth, smart agriculture, digital twins, cobots, and robot navigation under three broad scenarios: the Internet of Senses, connected intelligent machines, and a connected sustainable world.

The research focus of this group is mainly on 5G & 6G communications, Software Defined Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and IMoT.
Visiting Scholars
Research Topics
  1. AI-empowered Trajectory Anomaly Detection and Classification in 6G-V2X
  2. A Quantum Safe Key Hierarchy and Dynamic Security Association for LTE/SAE in 5G Scenario
  3. SDN-Assisted Learning Approach for Data Offloading in 5G HetNets
  4. Energy-Efficient End-to-End Security for Software-Defined Vehicular Networks
  5. SDN-Assisted Disaster Management Framework
  6. SDN-Assisted LTE-WiFi Aggregation Mechanism
  7. Intelligent Spectrum Sharing and QoS Provisioning Schemes
  8. AI-Enabled Sharded Blockchain for Modernizing Land Registry System
  9. Blockchain Framework for Secure and Automated Supply Chain Management for SMEs
  10. SAFER: Crowdsourcing-based Disaster Monitoring System using Software-Defined Fog Computing
  11. FINDER: A D2D-based Critical Communications Framework for Disaster Management in 5G
  12. A Console GRID leveraged Authentication and Key Agreement Mechanism for LTE/SAE
  13. Authentication model for next-generation LTE and its dependent public safety networks
  14. Database Synchronization Mechanism for Mobile Data using SDN Control
  15. Novel Key Management Scheme to Minimize Handoff Latency in IEEE 802.16m Networks
  16. Efficient Algorithms to solve Broadcast Scheduling Problems in WiMAX mesh networks
  17. Adaptive/Intelligent Selfish Misbehavior Handling in Mobile Ad hoc Networks